Space Reservation Form

Space Reservation Form

Welcome to the Residence Life & Housing Space Reservation Form.

To request a residential space, please fill out the following form accurately and allow at least 3 business days to respond. It is important to note that the sooner you request a space, the more likely the space is available. Completing this form does not automatically grant an approval of using the requested space. You'll be contacted whether your request has been approved or denied.

Please note that there's a $50 fee per four-hour of space utility. To clarify, the rate is not broken down by the hour. For example, using a space for three hours is $50 and using a space for seven hours is $100. Current Residence Life & Housing staff are waived from the fee.

If food and or beverages are provided at the event, all student organizations, offices and departments have to work with Hospitality Services despite the event is held at a residential area.

For questions, please contact Wiz Sugiarto at

Thank you.